“Excited…? Uh.

                    Um… Hey, Meny-chan. 

                    Mind telling where you’ve been?

        “Mmm, not much Lil-chan~ Busy with stupid things, mostly—— And you~? What have you been up to since I’ve been away, hmm~?”

of bloody lips |


Perhaps she’d been just a touch too….

                                                                           ——————— Enthusiastic.

Few people would ever call the one designated Z particularly mindful, especially when it came to the invasion of her comrades’ personal space. Meninas was usually more welcoming than the others in their close group of friends. In fact, Giselle didn’t even bother to knock on the door before she went to throw it open, expecting to find the Power reclining on her couch or bed. Yet the sound of her soft exclamation drew those big blue eyes downward to the floor instead.


"Meni-chan!" she gasped, her fingers rising to cover her mouth in surprise. Knocking her over hadn’t been her intention, far from it. So in order set right the little mishap, she was quick to trot forward and extend a helping hand. It was only then that she saw the extent of Meninas’ injuries. Not a grevious wound by any means, but well — it was one of the few places that would bleed quite a bit before it finished, something the zombie was intimately familiar with. Her gaze lingered there as she spoke, watching as a drop gathered at the corner of her lips.

"…You okay…~?" 

        Magenta gaze watched as pallid fingers were offered, bottom lip remaining in a pout. Yet it wasn’t long before her own gloved digits sought the Zombies helpful grasp—- Pulling herself up off the floor in one fluid motion. Neck shifted, eyes glancing quickly behind herself in order to make sure her clothing wasn’t dirtied before turning back to her friend. 

        “I’m fine,” Meninas ultimately muttered to her companions question, the action causing the slightest bit of discomfort—— Lower tier already swelling with the force of her bite, “—— Does it look ugly?”

                Hopefully not

        Pain was one thing, something enjoyable even but discolored skin, visible for others to see, was entirely different—— Made only worse by the swollen flesh, which would leave her bottom lip looking rather abused as well.



"Tsk, where are my manners. My apologies, Sternritter-sama. I am Erik Geier, General of the 13th Infantry Division. It’s a pleasure to meet you~"

        “It is, isn’t it~” Meninas mused, tiers lifted in the lightest of teasing smiles—— Self assured that it was a pleasure to meet her, after all, he’d probably never met anyone like her before, “And is there something that you need Erik~?”

of bloody lips |


        “—— Mnph!”

        One moment the Power found herself opening the door of her quarters in order to leave, gloved fingers wrapped around the handle to pull it towards her and the next she found her bottom colliding with the cold, marble floor——- Teeth biting rather harshly into her lower lip, blood swelling up from the wounds.

        Eyes watered, more so from surprise than pain as she gazed up at her guest—- Lips pulling into a pout as recognition swept across her face; metallic taste spreading over her tongue.

        “—- Ow.”


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"Good evening, Sternritter-sama~"


        “Hmmm? —— Who’re you~?”

i will not apologize for being devastatingly beautiful



     ”You make it sound like things have already happened~ That’s no fun, Meni. Leave it up to your imagination~”

    Just Meni? —— That’s was new, though far from unwelcome. Almost to be considered a rather sweet gesture perhaps, if he was truly capable of more than false pretenses.

        “Mmmm, as I suppose I shall leave you to yours~”



     ”That’s yet to be seen, no?”

        “Mmm, I suppose you’re right but—— So long as you’re happy, I’m happy for you~… If you do decide to have fun~” She smiled, head cocking to the side just the slightest.

These cold, cold eyes that look down from above...

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yeah but i am tbh

        “I’m sure you’ll have fun Gremmy~”

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i'm sure tongues like those have their uses. if ya know what i mean. *eyebrow wiggle*


         ”I’m not interested in that~.”



✎—— “H-hello…” Don’t get scared, don’t get scared. “H-how are you?”

        “Gigi said you were cute——— I don’t know if I see it~.”